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The Problem.


TIME – Current healthcare systems are clunky, confusing, and timely. The increase in healthcare cost and time for treatment are getting in the way of providing a quality level of care. In the United States someone will typically wait on average 26 days to see a healthcare provider. You have to spend weeks waiting for appointments. Wait more time to be referred to a specialist. Then typically end up getting referred to PT for conservative treatment first. You spend weeks, even months, with very little time spent working towards the goal. To get better.

COST – Healthcare cost is rising every year. Deductibles are costly. Copays are costly. And then after it is all said and done, you potentially get a bill in the mail because all that cost for insurance doesn’t cover a particular service.

PURPOSE – Individual healthcare providers still want to change peoples lives. But the insurance company and big corporations no longer are in the business of helping the patient. Their purpose is to make money.

Physical therapist burnout

BURNOUT – Most health care providers can no longer provide a high level of care even if they wanted to. Their schedules are over booked and they have an increasing amount of documentation. They don’t have the energy to give to you. Roughly 45-70% of physical therapist will go through burnout on a regular basis per the research study by Kristi Link, et al.

Our Solution.

TIME – We value your time. On average we will see you less than your typical insurance practice. While you are with us, you will see us the whole time with our undivided attention.

COST – We see you less and empower you more. This saves you money on removing unnecessary visits. Saves you gas money. Also, because we treat the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms, we get you better without additional imaging and MD visits.

PURPOSE – We have worked in the “PT Mill/ Insurance based” clinics. The level of care was not up to our standards. Our purpose is not to make money. Our purpose is not to see how many patients we can see. How purpose is to spend more time with you and ensure you achieve your goals. We no longer answer to the insurance companies. We answer to you and you alone.

BURNOUT – Our model factors in time outside of treatment sessions to work with you. Our energy is redirected towards treating oppose to documentation and insurance verifications. The things that burnout clinicians in other practices have been removed from Revolution Rehab.

The Results.

TIME – You Save Time

COST – You Save Money

PURPOSE – You get a PT with the sole purpose to help you

BURNOUT – You get a PT beyond just the visits.

Based on 13 reviews
Kishna Hopewell
Kishna Hopewell
I came to Tyler with a severe neck issue, it had impacted all of my week. He was able to give me some exercises and in days I was back to normal. Then, I re-hurt my back; Tyler has been amazing with helping me work through my issues and come up with a plan to be ready in the future if something happens to twang my back and neck again. I’m able to stand straight again and turn my neck both ways!
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan
Dr. Kinch is knowledgeable, thorough, and most importantly personal. Working with Dr. Kinch is a breath of fresh air because the care is intentional, deliberate, and part of a larger plan to help me get back on my feet faster.
Nate Jerrils
Nate Jerrils
Hurt my back brush cutting on my property. Was recommend Dr. Kinch though a friend and couldn't be happier. Personal and friendly and has got me feeling like my old self.
Reagan Anthony
Reagan Anthony
While in town visiting friends, I was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain, to the point it was waking me up in night. Off of a friend’s recommendation, I saw Dr. Kinch. He was fantastic and very knowledgeable. Not only did he help to relieve the immediate pain through dry needling, manipulations and stretches, he also gave me exercises to use at home to help prevent it from reoccurring. Thanks to him, I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. I would definitely recommend him and visit if I’m ever in the area again!
Susan Owensby
Susan Owensby
Dr Kinch has an incredible fund of knowledge and is amazing at what he does. I highly recommend him if you have a sports injury or in need of a great physical therapist.
Andrew O'Donnel
Andrew O'Donnel
Absolutely stellar experience working with Tyler. I have always been active but am a new triathlete and have had reoccurring knee pain with running. Tyler was very helpful in my return to triathlons. He listened to my concerns as he is an athlete himself, encouraged me, was able to identify my problem, knew the right exercises and was able to cure my knee pain! I highly recommend going to Tyler. He really knows what he is talking about but also made therapy appointment fun.
Ryan Abarno
Ryan Abarno
When it comes to getting down to the problem and fixing it, Dr. Tyler is the doc to see. I was having issues with left hip pain during my golf swing and he helped me figure out what was going on. He developed a custom plan for me to get back on track and now I can swing a club without any pain!
Jacob Rohde
Jacob Rohde
Dr. Kinch was a huge help in not only diagnosing the problem with my arm but also providing easy steps for a quick recovery. Would definitely recommend!
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